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Prison Bootcamp

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Masculinity and manhood are not simply taught, but caught. Indeed it takes a man to make a man. Yet an increasing number of men in our nation today have grown up without a father or father-figure in their lives. 

The result is devastating to our communities. There is no question that children who grow up in homes without father are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families...those boys whose fathers were absent from the household had double the odds of being incarcerated--even when other factors such as race, income, parent education and urban residence were held constant." (Cynthia Harper of the University of Pennsylvania and Sara S. McLanahan of Princeton University cited in "Father Absence and Youth Incarceration." Journal of Research on Adolescence 14 (Sept. 2004) 369-397.)

Our Heart of A Man prison bootcamp is an adaptation of the Wild at Heart weekend for men we host for men in the free world. This outreach is done in partnership with our allies from New Wilderness Adventures, MIA Ministries and NewCor MinistriesThe weekend presents an opportunity for men in prison to encounter the God who created them as their Father through a relationship with Jesus. Until a man understands his true identity, he cannot move into the life he was designed to be as a man--fiercely intentional as the warriors/king/lover/priest of his family.


1.  Masculine Image – The perversion of fierceness and wildness has stolen the freedom to see why men need a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.  This is part of God’s image in us as men.

2.  The Real Story   Somehow we have missed the whole story.  We cannot understand our place if we do not understand the context of the story of the Bible. To many, Christianity feels like stepping into a movie 30 minutes late.

3.  The Poser– We all have a need for love, belonging, security, acceptance, etc. but the effect of the fall is to try to find them apart from God. We end up faking our way through life trying to meet our own needs.

4.  The Wound – We are all wounded because we live in a real war with a real enemy and people who have hurt us, either inadvertently or intentionally. Wound(s) drive us into posing in an attempt to find life and love.

5.  Brokenness and Blessing – Sharing the reality of our brokenness due to sin, that life is only found in Christ, and introducing fatherless men to their TRUE Father and receive His blessing on them as a son. 

6.  Identity and New Name – When we are born again, our identity is now in Christ. We are new creations and God intends for us to discover and step out into that identity.

7.  The Evil One and Our Battle – We were born into a world at war and we need to learn how to live as victors, not victims.

8.  Fighting for Others – We are not called into a self-exalting masculinity.  A man's strength is for others; especially our wives; children, loved ones; friends.  We fight for them.

9.  Band of Brothers – Men tend to isolate themselves and thus become a prime target for Satan.  We need other men who know us and share a common vision with us.  Without this we will be taken out by the enemy.

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