CrossOver Ceremony

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"...And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased."
Luke 3:22b 
What is the purpose of the ceremony?

Our culture has nothing that intentionally calls boys into manhood. There is little or no ceremony that honors a boy as he becomes a man. In addition, many young men never hear the blessing from their fathers. While there are many areas of the world that still offer boys such a transition, the church still does not. That is why this evening was created.
The CrossOver Ceremony is an evening that marks an important transition in a boy’s life. Upon turning 18 or graduating from high school, a boy is called forward in the presence of other men, their brothers and other boys (this is a male only evening) to hear what it means to be true man, a Christian man. They hear of the challenges of manhood and the need to grow in their faith, to be connected to the larger community of men, and to connect to their heavenly Father.

The focus of the evening culminates in a very special moment. Here, the boy receives a spoken blessing and a gift (a special sword) from his father as he is called out of boyhood and into manhood. For those boys whose fathers are not present, another man will step into that role to speak the blessing and offer the gift.
What does it mean to receive a blessing?
We believe that it takes a man to make a man. This is the role of the father in a boy's life. 
After His baptism and before He launched into His mission, Jesus received a blessing from His Father. This was an important event in the life of Jesus, for immediately after receiving the blessing of the Father, He went into the wilderness to be tempted. The blessing of the Father served as a reminder to Jesus that the Father was pleased with Him as a man and that He was loved. 

The wise father seeks to impart his life to his son in preparation for life as a man. The blessing is an opportunity for the father to express his love for his son, to impart words of affirmation and recognition of the son's gifts, talents and calling in the presence of witnesses.

How do I offer this for my son or a boy I know?

If you would like to offer this experience to your son or another boy, please contact us and we'll be glad to set up a special ceremony for your or your group. 

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