October 4-6, 2013
Mt. Lebanon Retreat and Conference Center
Cedar Hill, Texas

  Men at the Cross is an experiential men's  weekend that began in Denver, Colorado in 2003.  Men from around the United States have come to experience a unique encounter with God and other men.
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Men at the Cross is a weekend retreat designed for men who are desiring to grow in depth in their relationship with God, their families and others.  This weekend is designed with the intent to provide men an experiential weekend that goes deeper than just head knowledge.  Men at the Cross is an intensive experience where men get to the heart of things in their lives.  We recommend men attend a Search and Rescue Weekend prior to coming to this event.

In order to maximize each man's experience we limit the number attendees to twenty-four men. We believe this enhances the possibility for each man to receive more personal attention and greater connection to the other men on the weekend.  The level of support that men receive on the weekend is significant as a result.

Over the last five years men who have attended the weekends have come away with a greater understanding of how to live their lives before God and others.  Rooted in Scripture, it points men to the heart of the gospel, that is, the Cross of Jesus Christ, as the means to encounter God and others.  It is our intention that when a man leaves the weekend he walks away with more than just a great experience.  We want him to take away tools to apply what he learned and experienced on the weekend to his everyday life.  The follow up group is called an R Group and is an integral part of anchoring the impact of the weekend into the hearts of the men who attend.
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