Our Core Values

The One Matters

We believe each person matters to God. Our loving Father wants each of us to come home. Jesus was generous with His time on what the world labeled "worthless people". His stories of a lost sheep, a lost coin, and a lost son are reminders of the value of each soul.

Work with the Hungry

While seeking to love and minister to each person God brings to us, our desire is to invest in those who are indeed spiritually hungry.


Walk with God

There is freedom and creativity to the work of the Holy Spirit that is beyond human control and perception [John 3:8]. We submit our decisions to God and listen for His affirmation or counter-intuitive direction.

Irreversible Change

Our ministry decisions have the goal of irreversible change. It’s not just education or inspiration or even encouragement…. It’s the transformation of hearts and lives by the renewing of our minds. Teach to change, not just inform.

Crawl, walk, run

We view our development as ministry like that of the stages of growth in the Christian life: crawl, walk, and run. This assumes a progression over time that requires patience, anticipation, and dreaming/planning/hoping. We are not, now, all that we will be.
We live and work with the deep belief that our new hearts are good

We are a New Covenant ministry that believes God’s promise to “take away our heart of stone” and to “give us a new heart” has been accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ.  In Christ, we are new creations (Gal 2:20) and have new hearts.  We appeal to the deepest and truest parts of one’s being, believing that as a Christian our deepest and truest desires are for that which is true, honorable, holy, pure, and beautiful.


Operate by both wisdom and revelation

We live and work using the wisdom we’ve gained and listening to God, who at times may guide us in counter-intuitive directions.


Humility, love, and forgiveness

All we have has been given to us as a gift from God… we remember this and pray that all our dealings with people, whether they be for us or against us, would be marked by genuine humility, love, and forgiveness. Click here for more information on how to update your site.