Our Strategy

Keeping in mind that everything we do is ultimately about making disciples, we offer 3 progressive levels of adventure as we move through the spiritual continuum to engage and teach men women and children about the Christian life, moving them from casual observation to crucial participation:


Casual Adventures stretch you beyond your comfort zone.  Here is where we provide a “safe” entry point for those who are seekers. We study the culture, begin to build relationships, discuss each person’s spiritual journey, and introduce people to Jesus.  These adventures involve provide a meaningful opportunity to connect. These would be the kind of adventures you'd love to do on weekend or a vacation.Fire Pit Fellowship

  • Fire Pit Fellowship
  • Father/Son/Daughter retreats
  • Men's gathering
  • Women's gatherings 
  • Occasional Special events

Critical Adventures involve the major arenas of your life: relationships, work, and community. These events include a relational time of teaching, discussion and challenge to the emotional, intellectual and spiritual condition of each person in an affirming and trust-filled environment.  This growth is fostered through creative teaching, life-coaching and discussion over Scripture, the writings of great Christian authors, and processing the story in which each person finds himself. These areas feel huge and stretch you to the limit of your personal resources leaving you with the question: Do I have what it takes (will I come through)?

Crucial Adventures come as a direct result of following our God into the unknown. As Peter followed Christ onto the sea, or Abraham left all he had to go with God into the destiny of his life, the only chance of success for these adventures is that God must supernaturally intercede. With transparency being the catalyst, and the Spirit of God as the guide, the goal is for the follower of Christ to begin to make disciples.  Our question becomes: Do I trust that God has what it takes (will He come through)?

  • Counseling and Life Coaching
  • Mentoring/Discipling
  • Community Outreaches and Service Projects to the poor and the needy
  • Mission Trips and Life Adventures
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