Men Building Community

February 28 - March 2, 2014

TRIPLE C RANCH near Livingston, Texas

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If you are thirsty for authenticity in your relationships with God and man, 

this weekend could be for you.


Discover the "next step" in your journey:

  • Create an opportunity for you to connect more deeply with God
  • Build community among men
  • Identify how you build walls in your life that keep you from being the man you are called to be
  • Experience God's goodness and grace
  • Create momentum in your life, moving you toward a strong and healthy family life

Break down walls:

We all build walls. Walls that are meant to protect and to defend. Walls that create boundaries or support. Walls serve an important purpose. 

There are ways, however, in which we build walls in our personal lives that are potentially destructive to God’s plan for us.

What happens when we build walls of mistrust or silence? What if we create walls to hide behind so that we won’t be known? The result: distance from our wives, children, family, friends, and God.

Oftentimes, we are not even aware that we have created barriers between us and those we love. We may not recognize how we have walled ourselves in and kept others out.

Authentic Masculinity:

We believe it takes men make men. Come and join us as we work together in encouraging one another to break down walls and experience freedom to be the men we are called to be.  Become a community of brothers.

About the Retreat and the Leaders
Mark, Steve and Gary served together on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in Houston as co-laborers in reaching out to high school students with the love of Jesus Christ. During those years their friendship was deepened during an annual men only weekend in Brownwood, Texas where they made the decision to be intentional about being real with one another as men. Those times together were life-giving and became the foundation for what they do now in ministry. Each has a passion to see men set free in Christ to live from the heart as God intended and work together to offer men special experiences to help them in their spiritual journey. Four Streams Ministries and Waking the Passion work together as ministries committed to the call of God to make disciples and believe that working together in unity is the best way to accomplish the mission.

Mark is the Founder and President of Four Streams Ministries. He has a Master's Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and is a trained Exchanged Life counselor, a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and has served in ministry since 1988. His passion is to guide men of all ages to a life of purpose and authentic masculinity through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Steve is the founder of Waking the Passion. He has served in full time ministry for 30 years. His passions are family, good friends, good food, and fun. He loves and serves both God and Man. His deep longing is to live in the freedom of Christ and lead others to the same.

After leaving a career in engineering, Gary has served in vocational ministry for over 10 years. He now serves as a staff member with Waking the Passion. Gary's loves are his wife, two daughters, the backyard "fire pit", and anything utdoors in God's creation.

For More Information Contact:

Mark Munden 469.939.8562

Arrival Time:
Please eat dinner before arrival.
Between 6 -7:15pm Friday
Start time is Friday 7:30 PM sharp. We will begin on time.
Friday 7:30 pm—Sunday 12:00 noon
Please stay through the final message. Lunch is provided to stay and dine or “Get & Go”.

Sleeping bag, pen & pad, bible, pillow, towel and personal items.
There are futons and bunks of varying sizes.

$250.00. Covers five meals, lodging, and leaders’ expenses.
Please make checks payable to Four Streams Ministries or you can Register Here

Scholarships may be available.


Retreat phone: 



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