Our Mission

The Christian life is a journey, one best when shared in a redemptive community. Our focus is on becoming, not arriving, as different people find themselves at different points on their spiritual journey. It is exciting, requiring risk (faith) and adventure (action).

As we proclaim the treasure of the gospel, and Christ’s desire to set people free to become all that God intends, we journey with others progressively through the Four Streams :

Stream 1 : Relationships

  • Connecting the lost to the heart of God through Christ
  • Connecting followers of Christ to the redemptive community of other believers

Stream 2 : Rescue

  • From the Enemy and the kingdom of darkness
  • From a life of spiritual defeat and bondage
  • From the Status Quo

Stream 3 : Restoration

  •  To our true identity in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit’s work
  • To become the men and women God intends through radical discipleship and genuine community

Stream 4 : Release

  • To send them out as mature followers of Christ who will help build God’s kingdom through the glory of their unique gifts and talents.

Simply, we are guides fulfilling the great commission and inviting men, women and children to launch into the great adventure that is life in Christ.

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