What is your life story? Why has life unfolded the way it has for you? Do you believe that you matter to God, and to others? Is it possible that you are really a part of a larger story, one that offers real meaning and purpose for your life?

This is a journey that you cannot walk alone. We live in an Epic story. There must be a fellowship. You must have intimate allies--a brotherhood, a sisterhood--authentic connection.

We believe walking with God and with others is the key to unlocking the answers to these and other questions. Our desire is to help you do just that--walk with God. To discover real life. To live authentically. No matter the cost.

The Christian life is an exciting journey, one that involves risk (faith) and adventure (action). And since different people find themselves at different points in their spiritual journey, our focus is on becoming, not arriving.

As we proclaim the treasure of the gospel, and Christ’s desire to save and set people free to become all that God intends, we journey with others, pointing them to Christ as we move progressively through the Four Streams

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